Yadira Álvarez Betancourt

Yadira Álvarez Betancourt’s new story “Meat and Fish” is forthcoming in Helios Quarterly Magazine. In it, a commando team goes to a faraway planet to capture a renegade xenolinguist who joined the local rebels. While she waits to be sent back to her home planet, she has dinner with her captor.

“Planet Ape”

Juan Takai’s new story “Planet Ape” imagines a futuristic city where humanity attempts to coexist with other living creatures after a series of catastrophic events: https://acrossthemargin.com/planet-ape/

In case you missed it, here’s Juan’s earlier story “A Country with No Glasses,” which also appeared at Across the Margin: https://acrossthemargin.com/a-country-with-no-glasses/

Joyce Chng’s “Dutiful Daughter”

Recently published in Kanstellation Magazine, Joyce Chng’s new story “Dutiful Daughter” explores the nature of the father–daughter relationship in the context of the Chinese diaspora.

A modern fable reminiscent of “Rappaccini’s Daughter,” it tells the story of Allana, a young, overachieving woman who is willing to do anything to please her career-obsessed, emotionally distant father. Highly recommended: https://www.kanstellation.com/html2.1/chng.html

Clarkesworld 161

Aquí les compartimos una reseña de Charles Payseur sobre el número actual de la revista Clarkesworld: http://quicksipreviews.blogspot.com/2020/02/quick-sips-clarkesworld-161.html

Su comentario acerca del cuento “Eyes of the Crocodile”:

The piece is strange and haunting, mixing these older myths and practices and future science for an experience that is layered, complex, and haunting.

Aquí les dejamos el enlace para que puedan leer el cuento: http://clarkesworldmagazine.com/macia_02_20/

Desde un país sin gafas

Aquí les compartimos un cuento del escritor japonés Juan Takai: https://www.nagarimagazine.com/desde-un-pais-sin-gafas-juan-takai-traduccion-de-toshiya-kamei/

Juan Takai nació en Saitama de madre paraguaya y padre japonés. Colaborador regular de la revista literaria Hametuha. Sus cuentos se publicarán aproximadamente en la antología Japanese Fantasy Drabbles.

Japanese Fantasy Drabbles