“Flickers of Light”

Yasumi Tsuhara’s “Flickers of Light” introduces readers to Saruwatari, the tofu-loving, hapless protagonist of the Yumei shikai series. In it, he recounts an incident that took place in Kaerimi Tunnel, a reportedly haunted location: https://www.asymptotejournal.com/blog/2020/07/07/translation-tuesday-flickers-of-light-by-yasumi-tsuhara/

Kaerimi Tunnel

Antipodean SF 262

The current issue of Antipodean SF features Umiyuri Katsuyama’s flash piece “A Strange Incident at Mount Luofu.” In it, a man named Zhao visits Mount Luofu, a sacred mountain in Guangdong Province:


Artwork by Pete Linforth