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Eckleburg Review

Clarkesworld 161

Aquí les compartimos una reseña de Charles Payseur sobre el número actual de la revista Clarkesworld:

Su comentario acerca del cuento “Eyes of the Crocodile”:

The piece is strange and haunting, mixing these older myths and practices and future science for an experience that is layered, complex, and haunting.

Aquí les dejamos el enlace para que puedan leer el cuento:

Desde un país sin gafas

Aquí les compartimos un cuento del escritor japonés Juan Takai:

Juan Takai nació en Saitama de madre paraguaya y padre japonés. Colaborador regular de la revista literaria Hametuha. Sus cuentos se publicarán aproximadamente en la antología Japanese Fantasy Drabbles.

Japanese Fantasy Drabbles

Introducing Sayo Onoda

Sayo Onoda’s “A Certain Record” tells the story of Nadine, a young French girl of Lebanese descent who copes with the aftermath of the Paris attacks in 2015:—a-certain-record.html

In “The Washing Machine Ate the Socks,” Akari suspects that a visitor from the future is stealing her socks:

Sayo Onoda

Clarkesworld 161

The current issue of Clarkesworld includes Malena Salazar Maciá’s new story:

Set on a distant, ravaged planet, “Eyes of the Crocodile” tells the story of Mandisa, a young woman who goes through physical transformation after she is infected with the nanobots that killed her husband.

She leaves the shelter she has called home and embarks on her quest to save her tribe.

Covert art by Colie Wertz

Malena’s short fiction has previously appeared in The Future Fire, Mithila Review, and Selene Quarterly Magazine, among others.

TFF 52

In case you missed it, here’s the current issue of The Future Fire:

Malena Salazar Maciá’s short story “The Salt in Her Kiss” centers around the life of Ligeia, a young girl held captive by her own grandfather.

In this dark fairy tale retelling, our heroine escapes captivity once her grandfather falls ill. Eventually, she finds refuge for a time in the arms of a mermaid.

Check out illustrations by Jason Baltazar:

Cover art by Grace P. Fong